Economic Development

What brings a business to West Covina and keeps a business in West Covina? The same things that brings people to our city. They want a city where you feel safe, has good roads, and is financially strong.

When a city has a safe and clean environment, people will want to go to our restaurants, go to movies, buy things at stores and attend community functions. This increases revenue for the business, our community and allows people to spend money in West Covina.

We must have fully staffed police and fire departments so everyone, residents and visitors, feels safe in our community. Also, our maintenance department staffed properly keeps our city clean and roads open.

Financial stability lets the business community know they will be conducting business in a safe and clean community, attracting customers, generating increased sales and property taxes for our city. Also, they will know we can maintain the services they need to attract customers and maintain a business.

We have many small local businesses. They drive our business community, increase employment in our community, and are part of our community. Our local small businesses are loyal to our community as many live in our community. These small local businesses are here for the long-term. They are not controlled by Wall Street. We must support them so they can grow as we work to bring in new business. 

All the things residents want in our city are the same things businesses want, a clean, safe, vibrant community. This will keep the businesses we have in the city and will attract new businesses in our city.