Building A Strong Community


You start building a strong community by having a safe community with a good business environment, clean streets and parks. For this to take place there is a partnership between our residents and their government. It takes people being involved in the community by participating in activities, becoming volunteers in service/civic organizations, helping with youth sports, or even attending meetings of your local government. Government’s role is to supply the safe and clean part of the partnership.

As a member of the city council I will work to keep the city’s part of the agreement, while creating a city government willing to work with, not only the residents of our community, but our civic organizations and other government agencies.

Let me give you an example of two agencies working together. I needed to start a basketball league at a park which I had responsibility. One big problem – no basketball courts and no money to build any. What could I do to accomplish the goal? By working with the local school, which had basketball courts, I found out they needed baseball fields which we had at the park. By working together, the schools used our baseball fields and we used their basketball courts. We helped each other. That is what community is all about.

To me, we are one community with many people and facilities available to our city. We must work together to bring the people and the facilities together in a way that brings recreational opportunities to our community for everyone.